Ghost Caught On Camera

This picture just surfaced on the Internet just the other day... What do u think?  Real or fake?

Ghostly Mist Caught On Tape In Mexico

In this video there is a possible ghost caught on tape of a woman that has recently died in the same spot.

Ghost Caught On Camera

In this video it shows a possible ghost in the background... People familiar with the scene think that is could be a girl that had committed suicide 7 years before. Filmed in November 2008.

Full Body Apparition

This video is from a t.v. show with the P.I.T. crew. They catch on film a full body apparition and some poltergeist activity.

Possible Ghost

This video is from a haunted amusement place and has a lot of reflections before a image pops up in a seat that don't exactly fit but you be the judge on this one.

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Do Ghosts Exist Pet Spider
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Ghost Stories

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