Ghost Captured At High School

At the Asheville High School in you guessed it, Asheville at 2:51 in the morning their security cameras catch a shadowy figure that can't be easily wrote off. In the video there is a logical thinker that wants to explain it but simply can't. This makes it all the more interesting. What do you think was that a REAL ghost?

Ghost At The Video Store

Watch closely as first the cart moves, then videos start falling off the shelves! As soon as this guy realizes he takes off running like a little sissy.

Ghost Caught On Webcam

I'm surprised that there isn't a lot more web cam videos of ghosts. This one here is a poltergeist activity in which the spirit moves a wallet. What do you think? Is it real?

Virgin Mary Or Ghost

This image was taken by a 12 year old Kirkland girl Near Seattle Washington. They think it looks like the virgin Mary but I think it looks like a ghost.

Greatest Ghost Footage

This phone video was shot in Ibstone, Buckingamshire in May 2006 in a three hundred year old hotel. At first the woman that shot the video was just filming some deer and said she was an animal lover. But if you watch there is an apparition that walks in front of her camera, that at the time she claims, to have not seen until watching it again. all so where the apperition went was occupied by chairs and tables.

Ghost Hunters

This is the best video of "the best of ghost hunters" that I have seen.

Ghost Videos

In this video there are several different possible apparitions caught on tape. What do you think? Are these real ghosts caught on tape? If you can translate parts or tell us what language this is in we would appreciate it...

Ghost in Grobnik, Croatia

I've been looking through youtube for the last three hours and started to give up on finding a good ghost video but this one I haven't ever seen and its defiantly worth a post.

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Ghost Stories

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