Hospital Corridor

In this video they recorded for eighteen hours but in one particular spot you can hear a past occurrence talking place where a girl died after being told to "get out". I don't know if any of the videos I put on this site are real, but somehow this particular one gave me the shivers even though it didn't look or sound all that scary.
You be the judge.

Ghost Or Hoax But Freaky

This video (4:25sec.) could be of a poltergeist, there is an orb, doors opening and closing, sounds, and things being moved on there own. It could be a hoax but its hard to tell but it is kinda freaky. What do you think?

The Top Ten Best Video Clips From Ghost Hunters (TAPS)

Taps has a lot of interesting cases and they do try to keep it real. Here is a top ten video from the Ghost Hunters show. My personal favorite is the shadow in the light house what's your favorite?


This video is ten minutes long and has a assortment of orbs and ghosts caught with a camera.

Ghost Swing

In Firmat, Argentina this swing just starts swinging on its own, is it a ghost? Locals believe it is.

Michael Jackson's Ghost

What you are about to see is real footage of a ghost from CNN inside the Neverland Ranch... What do you think? Is it real? Is it Michael Jackson?

Leave your answer below...

Misty Apparition

In this video an apparition is caught by investigators.

Spook Hill - Lake Wales, FL

This video of spook hill hasn't any see able ghosts but it is strange that they even have a sign on how to do it.

Apparition of A Ghost Girl caught on home video

This home video filmed on Mayh14 2009, of a girl and a bottle moving across the table.

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Ghost Stories

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