Amityville Horror (My studies from studies)

The Real Amityville Horror - Part 1.

The Real Amityville Horror - Part 2

This video is from the people that are from the house and town

(w/ strange phone call)When we visited 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island, New York. The place where Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot dead six members of his family. George and Kathleen Lutz moved in soon after an soon left claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena while living there.

While we were there we received strange phone calls on our cell phone. It all seems little silly. now -- sounds like a little girl talking angrily on the phone. But at the time the "EVP" freaked us out a bit.

This video is sceptical but has some good views


The Vatican City Ghost

This video was captured by a tourist while visiting Vatican City. The footage you are about to see was shot inside a famous church in Vatican City. If you watch closely you can see a shadowy figure floating in mid air!

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Real Exorcisms Caught On Tape!

Exorcisms are the the act of removing a spirit or demon from an individual. They are widely practiced all around the world, but little is talked about this strange ritual. From 20/20 this clip shows us some frightening exorcisms! Scary thought that the demand for exorcisms is going through the roof. Is this a telling sign that the end is approaching?

This next video contains some actual sound bits and pictures of the exorcism of Annelise Michel. This famous exorcism is what the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose is based on....

The video from The National Geographic channel takes us to the Philippines where a mother is terrified that her son has become possessed! Watch this bizarre exorcism that is suspected to involve the devil himself...

What do you think? If the Catholic Church recognizes the fact that exorcisms need to be performed on a daily basis, is there really any doubt that ghosts and demons do in fact exist?

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