Shocking footage of ghost...

about 41 minutes long
The best parts of the video are at these times, 6 min,7 min,9 min 50 sec-11 min 2 sec,18 min 20 sec and 34 min 28 sec.

The US Government Believes In Ghosts!

This clip is from the show Ghost Hunter and just aired last night. In this episode TAPS is invited to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio to investigate reported hauntings by individuals at the base. What they find will blow your mind, just wait till the 5 minute mark! Is this the proof that ghosts really do exist?

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Ghost In The Smoke Moves Away From The Fire!

Now I'm a sceptic through and through but even though this starts out looking like a reflection of the fire in the camera lens it seems to move at the end! See for yourself!

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