TAPS Ghost Hunters Live Evidence That Its Staged

Just was watching ghost hunters live tonight and saw proof that whole thing is staged. So we taped it with a digital camera off of the T.V. Not the best quality, but we will replace it when it becomes available.

Don't get me wrong I personally believe in ghosts and think Amanda Tappings (there as a guest) is a great actor, but I'm sometimes feel a little skeptical about some of the T.V. shows and this is why...

Ghost captured on video in a Penang factory.(31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 31)

Happy Halloween!

Here is a replacement (other was pulled) video of a girl ghost caught on surveillance camera.

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Three Ghost Series (31 ghosts in 31 Days, 28)

This three part video is about 8 min. long covering images orb like mist , and mist, with investigations.

Lalaurie Mansion (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 26)

This video is a documentary of the Lalaurie Mansion.

Ghost Picture (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 25)

Very interesting video of a photo with a ghost in it.

Ghost Caught on Camera in Burbank Cafe

This short video shows two separate ghost apparitions.

Ghost-Suicide Cliff (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 23)

This video shows a ghostly figure jumping off a cliff...

Shadowy Ghost (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 22)

This video of a shadowy figure was caught on a surveillance camera.

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Shadow Ghost (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 21)

Strange shadowy figure caught on a surveillance camera.

Ghost Pictures (31 Ghosts in 31 Days, 20)

This video has a verity of pictures of ghosts and paranormal.

Granny Ghost (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 19)

This video caught on surveillance is of an elderly lady.

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Theater Ghost (31 Ghosts in 31 days, 18)

Apparition caught on this video at a theater.

High School Ghost (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 17)

This video from a sucurity camera at a high school catches a shodowy mist walking the hallways.

Jack The Rippers Victims Ghosts (31 ghosts in 31 days, 16)

This is a ghost story from white castle, or jack the rippers victims.

Valentown Ghost Footage - Unexplained Figure Caught on Tape (31 ghosts in 31 days, 15)

This video has a shadowy figure that is only seen by the camera and not the girl standing right in front of it.

Blinds Move As Dog Watches (31 ghosts in 31 days, 13)

Here is a video from a guy that set up his night vision camera to find out why his dog was winning.

Running Man Ghost(31 ghosts in 31 days,12)

This video is from Canyon Hill Cemetery of what poeple call the running man ghost.

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Ghost Girl (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 10)

Here's a home video of a ghost caght on camera.

Ghost Hunters Live On Holloween2007 (31 ghosts in 31 days, 9)

This video is from the tv show ghost hunters when they went live last year on holloween night. If you listen closely you will here a womans voice saying hello and then laughter.

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Glowing Ghost Video (31 ghosts in 31 days ,1)

There's a chance that this is just the glare from the lens but I could be wrong judge for yourself.


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