The Ghost Teacher

Taken at a school in the midwest... What do you think? Is it real?

Ghost On The Stairs

In the days before photoshop this photograph was taken by Rev. Ralph Hardy in 1966. Taken in Greenwich, England this spiral staircase is known as the “Tulip Staircase”. This is a photograph of the Queen’s House section of the National Maritme Museum. Many experts have looked at this photograph and have judged it to be real. What do you think?

Ghost Picture

This video has a photo of an apparition at an old school.


TAPS Ghost Hunters Live Evidence That Its Staged

Just was watching ghost hunters live tonight and saw proof that whole thing is staged. So we taped it with a digital camera off of the T.V. Not the best quality, but we will replace it when it becomes available.

Don't get me wrong I personally believe in ghosts and think Amanda Tappings (there as a guest) is a great actor, but I'm sometimes feel a little skeptical about some of the T.V. shows and this is why...

Ghost captured on video in a Penang factory.(31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 31)

Happy Halloween!

Here is a replacement (other was pulled) video of a girl ghost caught on surveillance camera.

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Three Ghost Series (31 ghosts in 31 Days, 28)

This three part video is about 8 min. long covering images orb like mist , and mist, with investigations.

Lalaurie Mansion (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 26)

This video is a documentary of the Lalaurie Mansion.

Ghost Picture (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 25)

Very interesting video of a photo with a ghost in it.

Ghost Caught on Camera in Burbank Cafe

This short video shows two separate ghost apparitions.

Ghost-Suicide Cliff (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 23)

This video shows a ghostly figure jumping off a cliff...

Shadowy Ghost (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 22)

This video of a shadowy figure was caught on a surveillance camera.

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Shadow Ghost (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 21)

Strange shadowy figure caught on a surveillance camera.

Ghost Pictures (31 Ghosts in 31 Days, 20)

This video has a verity of pictures of ghosts and paranormal.

Granny Ghost (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 19)

This video caught on surveillance is of an elderly lady.

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Theater Ghost (31 Ghosts in 31 days, 18)

Apparition caught on this video at a theater.

High School Ghost (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 17)

This video from a sucurity camera at a high school catches a shodowy mist walking the hallways.

Jack The Rippers Victims Ghosts (31 ghosts in 31 days, 16)

This is a ghost story from white castle, or jack the rippers victims.

Valentown Ghost Footage - Unexplained Figure Caught on Tape (31 ghosts in 31 days, 15)

This video has a shadowy figure that is only seen by the camera and not the girl standing right in front of it.

Blinds Move As Dog Watches (31 ghosts in 31 days, 13)

Here is a video from a guy that set up his night vision camera to find out why his dog was winning.

Running Man Ghost(31 ghosts in 31 days,12)

This video is from Canyon Hill Cemetery of what poeple call the running man ghost.

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Ghost Girl (31 Ghosts In 31 Days, 10)

Here's a home video of a ghost caght on camera.

Ghost Hunters Live On Holloween2007 (31 ghosts in 31 days, 9)

This video is from the tv show ghost hunters when they went live last year on holloween night. If you listen closely you will here a womans voice saying hello and then laughter.

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Glowing Ghost Video (31 ghosts in 31 days ,1)

There's a chance that this is just the glare from the lens but I could be wrong judge for yourself.

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Every day of October we will be posting a ghost video or picture. No pop ups trying to startle you or obviously fake ones. The content of the videos you will have to judge for your self.

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Ghost Evidence: Video

Here's a great combination of video's of different ghost experiences.

REAL Ghost EVP Video - Abandoned Mental Asylum, Ward 10

Here is a video of some amateur ghost hunters at the abandoned mental asylum, with possible EVP's from a ghost.

Ghost Images

A verity of ghost images.

Amateur Ghost Hunter (Obs)

This video is from an amateur that mostly has just taken photos of orbs.

A Couple Of Ghost Videos That Seem Real

This 15 sec video from a hospital is very creepy you have to watch close but the bed sheet moves on its own at the end.

I've seen this show before but never this footage, very interesting full body apparition.

Noises In The Night

This young kid seems really worried about a noise that happenes every night at 1:17. lissen and see if you can hear it.

Ghost makes contact

This is footage of a ghost caught on tape, to me it looks like a little girl. Supposedly the guy in this video is a critic. I have seen the original where he sets up a camera because his pantry keeps being open the next morning, and it's caught opening on its own.

And here is the original footage of the same closet

Ghost Video

This video is a verity of ghost videos and pictures.


Amityville Horror (My studies from studies)

The Real Amityville Horror - Part 1.

The Real Amityville Horror - Part 2

This video is from the people that are from the house and town

(w/ strange phone call)When we visited 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville, Long Island, New York. The place where Ronald DeFeo, Jr. shot dead six members of his family. George and Kathleen Lutz moved in soon after an soon left claiming to have been terrorized by paranormal phenomena while living there.

While we were there we received strange phone calls on our cell phone. It all seems little silly. now -- sounds like a little girl talking angrily on the phone. But at the time the "EVP" freaked us out a bit.

This video is sceptical but has some good views


The Vatican City Ghost

This video was captured by a tourist while visiting Vatican City. The footage you are about to see was shot inside a famous church in Vatican City. If you watch closely you can see a shadowy figure floating in mid air!

What do you think? Was that a real ghost caught on tape? Leave a comment below...

Want more Ghost footage? Check out The US Government Believes In Ghosts!

Real Exorcisms Caught On Tape!

Exorcisms are the the act of removing a spirit or demon from an individual. They are widely practiced all around the world, but little is talked about this strange ritual. From 20/20 this clip shows us some frightening exorcisms! Scary thought that the demand for exorcisms is going through the roof. Is this a telling sign that the end is approaching?

This next video contains some actual sound bits and pictures of the exorcism of Annelise Michel. This famous exorcism is what the movie The Exorcism of Emily Rose is based on....

The video from The National Geographic channel takes us to the Philippines where a mother is terrified that her son has become possessed! Watch this bizarre exorcism that is suspected to involve the devil himself...

What do you think? If the Catholic Church recognizes the fact that exorcisms need to be performed on a daily basis, is there really any doubt that ghosts and demons do in fact exist?

Shocking footage of ghost...

about 41 minutes long
The best parts of the video are at these times, 6 min,7 min,9 min 50 sec-11 min 2 sec,18 min 20 sec and 34 min 28 sec.

The US Government Believes In Ghosts!

This clip is from the show Ghost Hunter and just aired last night. In this episode TAPS is invited to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio to investigate reported hauntings by individuals at the base. What they find will blow your mind, just wait till the 5 minute mark! Is this the proof that ghosts really do exist?

Want more proof? Check out these videos or more ghost hunters evidence!

Ghost In The Smoke Moves Away From The Fire!

Now I'm a sceptic through and through but even though this starts out looking like a reflection of the fire in the camera lens it seems to move at the end! See for yourself!

Do you see what I see?

54 sec


Paranormal Team T.H.E.M., Jeffrey Wands, the Maury Show producers investigated Eastern State Penitentiary .. the home of many notorious criminals ...

Ghost Car Vanishes During Police Chase !!! wow !

This is interesting but its hard to explain.

Ghost in a real car accident - English Subtitles.

A real car accident caused by a ghost in Sintra Portugal. Police authorities found a DV camera that show what happened before the accident...

English Subtitles.

Ghost girl vanish behind car

Is this a real ghost caught on surveillance cam.

Ghosts, Demons & Poltergeists

I have to admit that I am a skeptic when it comes to the paranormal, but the amount of footage out there is quite astounding. Perhaps there is some truth to it, but I am still not convienced.

This clip you are about to see though did send shivers up my spine...

Here are two ghost videos

Ghostly Man Caught on Tape (Natuashish)

ghost haunting a baby

I'm not sure if these guys are for real but there is some decent footage here. Take a look see what you think!

Ghost caught on video

This video is only 3 sec. but its a very good shot of a possible ghost

Ghosts Paranormal Video

Ghost pictures that will make your skin crawl.

I cannot explain this video. There is a blue blob hanging outside at a gas station in Ohio. Could it really be a ghost?

33 sec

Ghost Hunters video evidence from multiple episodes

The best video evidence from the hit tv show Ghost Hunters. Evidence from the U.S.S. Lexington, Moon River Brewing Co., Copper Queen Hotel, The Sorrel Weed House, Hellfire Caves, Eastern State Penitentiary, New Bedford Armory, St. Augustine Lighthouse, and the Crescent Hotel

The best video evidence from the hit tv show Ghost Hunters. Evidence from the U.S.S. Lexington, Moon River Brewing Co., Copper Queen Hotel, The Sorrel Weed House, Hellfire Caves, Eastern State Penitentiary, New Bedford Armory, St. Augustine Lighthouse, and the Crescent Hotel.

Part 3 of ghost hunters video evidence. Evidence from The bird cage theatre in Tombstone Arizona. Jim Henson Studios in LA California. The Lisheen Ruins in Ireland. Private Homes in Sammamish Washington and Athol Massachusetts. Northern State Hospital in Sedro-Woolley Washington. The Presidio in San Francisco California. Waverly Hills Sanatorium 2007 Halloween Special in Louisville, KY

paranormal , ghosts ( best photo)

Here is A video of photos of some cool stuff of aliens and paranormal.

all so look at alien vides and Dec 21 2012

ghost hunters full bodied apperition

As A taps fan this is my favorite episode. The greatest part about this evidence is when they went up to were they seen the apparition the light clicked on and when you see apparition in the video the heat sensor isn't setting that light off.

Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons!!

Heres A verity of video clips of haunting type images. Not all of the I thought was the best but A couple of them you should be the judge.

Ghost Pictures Show

Here are a verity of pictures and some videos, Some didn't look to convincing to me, but I will let you be the judge to that. Enjoy.

Are You Ready To See The Truth?

What you are about to see is truly frightening, these two videos show some of the most conclusive evidence of ghosts. Get ready, this footage will scare even the thickest of skins...

Part two

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