Ghost Spotted in Hallway of Abandoned Kentucky Hospital

Here is a 17 second video of a possible ghost video taped in the hallway of an abandoned Kentucky hospital. What do you think, is it a ghost?

Unbelievable Ghosts Pictures From Last Century!!!

Here is a good collection of old ghost pictures and explanations of where they came from.


Here is a video of two men playing with a Ouija Board and catching a EVP of a boy ghost.

Two Ghost Apparition Videos

Here is a great documentary from Ghosts : Fact or Fiction? showing two ghost videos and opinions on what exactly has been caught on tape. Hopefully, we will be able to find the original videos and post them in the near future.

Full Body Apparition Caught With Thermal Imaging Camera

In this video ghost hunters are filming with thermal imaging and picking up a human from but the regular camera is not seeing anything.

Ghost caught on video

This video will be sure to send chills up your spine. If you don't catch the ghost the first time around watch it again. This video was shot in the house that the documentary "The Attic" was shot in.

"Mabel Real Ghost" The documentary trailer

If you have kept up on my site I have a few ghost videos of Mabel.Investigators have actually went to this house where this little girl keeps appearing and have seen it for themselves. Now they are coming out with a documentary on this girl ghost.

Ghost In A Hospital's Video!

I like this video because its full color and its hard to even see the apparition until you see the replay and they point it out

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Ghost Stories

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