Ghost caught on video

This video will be sure to send chills up your spine. If you don't catch the ghost the first time around watch it again. This video was shot in the house that the documentary "The Attic" was shot in.


Girl_of_Gore said...

This 1 seems fake...They could of just had a friend standing there...Not only that the watch on the "ghost" wrist is kinda a dead give away... P:

Viagra Online said...

this video remind me when I lived for time in other country, one night I woke, and a man was stand next to me, when I saw that, oh men! for a bit and I take my stuffs and back, by the way, and out of context, that girl is so pretty.

Hotshot25 said...

hey here are more ghost videos for your users

Ghosts caught on tape

Amy!!! said...

I do believe in ghosts but Im siding with girl of gore as it kind of hinted when the guy said how do you feel to be just the two of us, ALONE in this room... And then a person was standing right behind them. Not very well set, if it was a fake anyway, it may not have been but who knows!!!

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