Ghosts, Spirits, and Demons!!

Heres a video of possible ghosts spirits, and demons



Anonymous said...

i know that they are real,
they are all around us, they walk the earth
i know because one night about a week ago i was
on my way home with my dad because my mom couldent pick me up because she was sick,
so i used my dads cellphone to call and see if she was doing okay and tell her that i was on my way home.
The line was crackling, and i heard someone crying or something,
so i hung up the phone and gave the cellphone
back to my dad.
When i finally arrived home, i walked into my room,
my dads cellphone was on my bed, sitting there.
but i gave my dads cellphone back to him!
and that night, i was writing part of my novel that im working on,
and right there, my dads cellphone started ringing again,
so i anwsered it, and it was crackling again,
and once again, i heard crying or something,
so then i put the phone down and tried to go to bed,
i had a dream that someone was sitting in my computer chair beside me,
and that it was feeling me,
i woke up because i felt someone touch my face,
and my computer chair was right beside me.

i have past experiences with spirits,
i know alot about them and i know
what to do and everything,
but this, i dont know what to do to get
rid of it,
ive tried everything,
just nothing seems to work,
its really weird how people think of me as
a Spiritualist Medium,
well, i dont know,
i just know that they are real,
and they dont want to hurt us,
only the demons and evil spirits that had
a bad life want to.

anonymous said...

@anonymous:i think it is a part of ur novel .ghost dont exist man.stop it u.i hope u can understand this slang **c* **u

redwinging said...

thanks for your commit 1rst anonymous Ive never seen a ghost but am very fascinated by them and want to believe.
And second anonymous you shouldn't knock people for there beliefs.


Anonymous said...

@ first anonymous, dont worry your not the only one. About a few days ago i was home alone watching t.v around 8:30 p.m when i heard my bed room door slam shut. I looked around to see if there was a window open or something but there wasnt. i got creeped out so i grabbed the phone and put it next to me just incase. then my t.v turned on and off until it stopped and changed to a channel talking about this little girl who died mysteriously after repeated hauntings. yea i was scared as heck. so anonymous #2 there can be such things as hauntings. wait till one happens to you

Vivek said...

This is Vivek. Ghosts exists because i have seen one, not just heard noises or seen abnormal activity. My father was stationed in an old Army cantonment are and we were living in an old neighbourhood built around the early 1900s. I was around 8 years old and used to go for cycling every evening. There was an old Army mess there that had been abandoned since 30 years or so and was not in use, a place where was to experience several paranormal incidents..
It was a summer evening and i was cycling. It was getting dark, I was about to pass in front of the mess gate, when a white translucent figure that looked like a women or an old man appeared right infront of me on the road. I stopped instantly and stared, as it just floated past me without noticing me and vanished upon approaching the mess gate. It wasnt smoke or anything as it had a proper shape and body, no smell and i checked, there was no fire around and then got the hell out of there.
Following morning me and a friend of mine went inside the mess premises. We were just looking around when all of a sudden we heard the sound of somebody in army boots climbing down the stairs from inside the mess building that was said to have been locked since 1975..
We then found the mess garage, when we went inside we found scribbled across the wall that whoever comes to the mess at night shall see ghosts. We never went there after that point. I have had many ghostly nightmares where i felt being stared at or being about to be stabbed, heard very real noises like someone whispering into my ears in my own voice, but i wouldnt regard these as paranormal encounters.

Anonymous said...

Ghost, demons, and all that crap is NOT real!!!
They are all just an allusion made in your mind from being paranoid. Your mind is tricking u. Don't follow what your mind says, follow what your heart says. The devil and hell doesnt hurt u physically, they hurt you mentally, sins are the things the devil messes with, not your body. You are not being possessed. You are believing and thinking you are. :) believe me, trust me, and if u do not know who to trust, trust the lord and the bible, If u are atheist, I can't help, but I'm Christian and I don't believe in that crap but I do believe in holy spirits and angles. ;) thank u agree, I'm not sorry If u don't understand. ;)
And I DO know what Im talking about, Iv read the bible and I go to church, y'all should try it sometime and talk to a pasture.

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